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Compton Village Sign

Compton Parish Council is pleased to announce an intention to earmark funds for the production and installation of a village sign at a central point within the village.


Parish Councillor, Chris Sharples has produced a draft design, for a sign that incorporates some of the key elements of the Grade I listed building, Watts Chapel, which is one of the finest buildings in the area. The sign is made up of two terracotta panels (double sided) each of which depicts the symbol of 'peace' as Mary Watts envisaged it over 100 years ago. The sign itself would be in English oak and would echo the design of the lych gate at Watts Cemetery .The lettering would be the same as that used for the village hall, which was designed by Chris Lovell, local artist, who sadly died this year.


The Parish Council has consulted with Mick Pinner of a skilled architectural potter, from West Meon Pottery, about the production of the panels. Mick has produced terracotta pots for Watts Gallery, and is familiar with the design and the quality we have come to expect work of this type. The suggested location for the sign is on the grassy area near the new bus stop in the Street. This central location means the sign would be visible to passing motorists and pedestrians during the day, and would be well lit by existing streetlights at night. Hopefully it could create a focus in the village as well as celebrating the unique association with GF Watts and the arts and crafts movement.


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Many people have asked 'why hasn't Compton got a sign, almost every other village seems to have one'? It is a very good question and one the Parish Council and Village Projects Committee would like to see addressed. The brief was to create a sign that would be in keeping with locally used materials, be relevant to Compton, take us into the next century and remain within single figure expenditure (in 000's).


Tile covering to prevent water damage


Terracotta double sided tile 2' x 2' (creation of a mould would enable lower cost replacements when needed). Original design of the tile by Mary Watts - It symbolises HOPE. Each two foot section will be made up of four smaller tiles that piece together in a hidden metal framework (to support the weight).


English Oak panel frame and post - joint work to replicate that of the Lych Gate at Watts Chapel


The lettering will replicate that used on the Village Hall - designed by talented local artist, Chris Lovell, who sadly died this year.


The suggested location is central and would offer partial lighting from the street lamp should independent lighting not be possible.


The brick base would be sandstone and in keeping with cottage walls.


All materials would be in the vernacular