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Parish Council

The Parish has approximately 1000 residents and 400 properties.

The Council has been in existence since 1894 and is therefore one of

the oldest civil parishes. There are seven members on the Council, elected for a 4-year term to represent the whole village. Council meetings are usually held on the third Wednesday of the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November in Pucks Oak Barn, commencing at 7.00 pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings and may address the Council if time allows and on the invitation of the Chairman.


The Councillors for Compton are very active within the community and can be contacted via the Clerk to the Council.


Parish Council Responsibilities


Responsibilities for local services are divided between Surrey County Council for education, public transport, highways and police—and Guildford Borough Council for housing, planning, public health, and waste collection to name but a few.

The Parish Council is responsible for representing the views of parish residents on any local issue.  In particular, it makes a contribution to:


        Local planning applications and enforcement.

        Transport, including the state of the highways and traffic calming.

        Footpaths and other rights of way.

        Village environment issues, drainage systems and grass cutting.



The Parish Council has a primary responsibility for the recreation ground and playground, the allotments, bus shelters and the Watts Chapel and Cemetery, where it acts as the burial authority.


Telephone Numbers


07901 893 000

01483 812 014


01483 810 743

01483 810 314

01483 426395


07976 344036


07711 566458

Dates for 2014 Meetings (all Wedesday at 7.00pm)


15th Jan, 19th March, 21st May AGM

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Reporting on


Traffic & Utd. Charities

Environment (inc. allotments) & Chapel

Recreation & Youth


Village Hall & Planning

Recreation & Youth

Local Plan


























Report a Problem


Pot Hole Flooding Poster Request
Street Lighting Blocked Drain Damaged Council Property Fly Tipping
Road Deterioration
Grass Verge
Road Lines
Road Maintenance Overgrowth Road Sign Request

Report problems on-line. You will get a reference number. If your enquiry remains outstanding pass the reference and details to your Parish Council who will be happy to make further enquiries.

PC Declarations

Review of 2012




Fiona Curtis     (Chairman)

David Haskins  (Vice-Chair)


Kanak Patel

James Parsons

Peter Graham

Eleanor Ricketts

Karen Stevens


Joanna Cadman    (Clerk)

Runbeams Cottage, Ewhurst Green,

Nr Cranleigh GU6 7RR

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