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CLT are always on the lookout for the next Director, Stage Manager, Front of House Helper, Craftsman or Seamstress... Or even Actor. With such a thriving group producing three popular plays a year, it is important to welcome new people with their ideas.


Providing an outlet for creative urges in a sympathetic and supportive environment provides an essential recreation in the true sense of the word and the pleasure brought to our audiences provides a higher level of reward.

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Compton Little Theatre, more affectionately known as CLT, was established in 1982 for the enjoyment of the people of the village of Compton.


They are a local and family based group and productions provide enormous variety to participants and audiences alike. CLT pride themselves on the quality of their performances, the friendliness of the group and their constant evolution and lack of fear to try new ideas.

               Compton Little Theatre is a thriving drama group which performs in the Village Hall.

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Some pictures of our Summer 2009 Production of The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Compton Little Theatre